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Rom and Dominor square off in a death-duel. As the Spaceknight Squadron continues their assault, Trapper & Scanner seize the communications chamber. Scanner uses all her power to send a message to the original Spaceknights that acts as a homing beacon allowing them to find a way home to Galador. Vola is killed defending Scanner, and Scanner herself is slain soon after. Brandy is still in the catacombs seeking a way to help when she comes across what appears to be the remains of Rom. Rom vanquishes Dominor and the Gen2 renegades led by Heatwave form a Ring Of Power which they believe will destroy all matter within a planet’s proximity. In a large explosion, the Dark Tower is destroyed and Rom awakens to find himself alone with Dominor who explains that the Ring Of Power was his fail-safe device and all the Gen2 renegades that joined in were destroyed. Dominor still wants Brandy to repopulate the planet as he tells Rom that his humanity had been hidden and not with the others. When asked where, he reveals it was in his thrown which Rom points out is now destroyed. In despair, Dominor attacks Rom who calls forth his Neutralizer. Dominor uses his power to paralyze Rom and takes the Neutralizer using it on himself in an act of suicide. Rom later awakens to find Brandy Clark there with the recently returned Gen1 Spaceknights. Brandy tells how she found a crypt with Rom’s body and a glowing orb floating above it. Rom realizes it was Terminator’s body (that Mentus had reshaped into Rom’s image) and had been entombed by Galactus. The Gen1 Spaceknights offer Rom the globe to restore his humanity that he and Brandy might repopulate Galador and make it live again. Rom touches the globe and is instantly restored to his human form. The Gen1 Spacknights, all of whose humanity had been destroyed ask Rom to make Galador live again and they will watch over them from among the stars.


Issue Vol 1 75 was the final issue of volume 1.

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