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Synopsis for "Deathwing!"

In the aftermath of the Thornoid attack, a bitter Steve Jackson questions whether Rom’s mission. Rom relates the story of the Galadorian outpost world of “Angelica”, a world savaged by the Dire Wraiths who annihilated the entire population. As Brandy’s coworkers attempt to enter, Rom leaves but informs them that Artie is still alive but just barely. Rom later encounters a funeral procession and turns his Energy Analyzer on them revealing all to be Dire Wraiths. Silas Lane, the county mortician stumbles across the fact that all the people “slain” have the exact same birthdate and tells Andrew who is in actuality a Dire Wraith. As Andrew leaves the coroner’s office he is quickly snatched into an alley and slain by a shadowy figure. Meanwhile Rom disrupts the Wraith funeral being led by an Elder Wraith. The Elder summons a Deathwing to destroy Rom, however, Rom grasps the Wraith and prevents him from seeking cover. The Elder reveals that Rom’s Neutralizer has been taken to Project Safeguard. The Deathwing devours the Elder as it swoops by and numbs Rom’s circuitry causing him to fall into the freshly dug grave and through to a subterranean cavern below. Standing above the now exposed secret entry to his lair below is Serpentyne who decides he must have Rom’s Neutralizer for himself.


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