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Synopsis for "The Stalker in the Night!"

Rom is at the bottom of a secret underground lair and finding a strange energy source decides to follow it seeking a way out. He is stealthily followed by Serpentyne. At the hospital the news is delivered to Brandy & Steve by a Dire Wraith disguised as a doctor that Artie has died. Brandy and Steve are taken into custody. Rom finds the “trophy room” of Serpentyne who confronts him there. He relates to Rom the story of his people, of which he is the last thanks to the invasion of the Dire Wraiths. Serpentyne demands Rom’s Neutralizer and when the Spaceknight refuses, he attacks him. In the battle, Serpentyne slips on the skull of one of his Wraith victims and accidentally impales himself with a makeshift spear. Before he passes, he repents of his attack on Rom as the madness has now left him.

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