Roman Nekoboh is a famed musician who is a world renowned celebrity. He would soon become involved in the life of Alison Blaire, the mutant singer known as Dazzler. At first seeking her out for a film deal to get out of financial straits, the romancing Nekoboh would soon develop true feelings for Alison and the two would embark on a romance.

When Nekoboh was helping Dazzler's career, the mutant singer would live a life of excess and would eventually reveal her mutant nature to him. Seeing this as an excellent career opportunity, Nekoboh had her reveal herself as a mutant publicly. However, this would backfire and ruin Dazzler's career due to anti-mutant sentiments.

However, when the whole movie deal went sour due to the machinations of Mr. Eric Beal, the owner of the movie company, fronting the film's attempt to sucker both Nekoboh and Blaire into contracts. Dazzler would destroy their contracts and what appeared to be the only print of the film available. Shortly thereafter Nekoboh and Blair would part company, ending their romance. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Roman Nekoboh uses contact lenses, a wig, false teeth, and a truss to make himself appear younger than he really is.

  • Roman Nekoboh also managed to persuade Alison Blaire into a lifestyle of debauchery including smoking, which was previously anathema to her!
  • Roman Nekoboh is partiality based on Frank Sinatra. "Nekoboh" is "Hoboken" spelled backwards, and Hoboken, New Jersey is Sinatra's home town.

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