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The Rom, Roma, Romany, also known as "Gypsies", mostly living in middle and eastern Europe (including Serbia, Transia, or Transylvania).


Hyborian Age

Captain Pendak and his mercenary troop looted and pillaged on their way, posing as soldiers. One night, they attacked a Gypsy camp. Their leader, an old sorcerer begged for mercy, proposing to draw them a map to retrieve a treasure buried in the bed of a lake that would run twenty years later, but ended up tattooing parts of it on the mercenaries' arms didn't trusted each others with the map. Pendak tried to grab the sorcerer's daughter Lilane, but one of Pendak's men, Bolar opposed him, and had his arm removed. The girl escaped and the mercenaries set fire to the Gypsy camp to slay all evidences and any witnesses. Surviving the ordeal and nursed by Lilane, he lost his mind but retained his memories and lusted for vengeance.

Afterwards, one of the mercenaries, Morlock, became the leader of a Gypsy group.[6] It is unknown if he was a Gypsy himself before taking the lead of the group.

Conan, while under the curse of the Ring of Jukas went to a Gypsy shack, hoping to find information about his curse, which he did.[7]

Conan later joined the travelling gypsy wagon of Grendl's Traveling Fighters.[8]

Twenty years after, Bolar hunted down his former comrades, slaying Morlock. Conan, while travelling with the son of one of the mercenaries (slain little before), encountered gypsies in a funeral procession for him. In the end, all mercenaries were killed by Balor. Lilane revealed herself, and after Pendak was killed by Balor, only to be slain by Conan, Lilane adopted the boy.[6]

Some of the culture and language of the Romany came from the Zingarans and Zamorans of the Hyborian Age.[5][2]

18th century

Cagliostro, an olden king of the Gypsies, wrote the Book of Cagliostro, detailing eons of magic knowledge. The book was passed down thru generations among Gypsies[5] loyal to Cagliostro.[9]

20th century

In 1935, nearby Schwartzhof, Austria, the Witch of the Hills used the spells of the forbidden tome of Alhazred, and summoned Satan (Lucifer) on behalf of the Gypsy Lucio Nuti who wanted revenge over Baron Krutze and his heirs, corrupt and tyrannous nobles who had destroyed his family.

The Roma, whether Muslim or Orthodox, suffered from the unrest and wars in Serbia.[4]

At the time of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff's birth, the twins were adopted by fellow members of the tribe, Django and Marya, and lived with them until becoming teenagers. Tension between the Rom and neighboring Transian villagers precipitated an assault on the travelers' encampment, resulting in Marya's apparent death and Django urging the twins to flee.[10][11]


In Serbia, Romany included Muslims and Christian Orthodox.[4]

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