Born in England like her brother Pete, nothing is known about Romany's childhood past after her mother died.

Following those years, Romany met and fell in love with Joseph Chapman, aka the third man to wear the Union Jack super-hero mantle. Eventually, they broke up under unclear circumstances, but apparently remained somewhat of friends afterward. She even constantly helps Jack during his super-hero adventures, at least when her expertise allows her to. She's much of a history fanatic, and knows a lot about ancient cultures such as the vampires.[1]

However, Romany did lose contact with her family, including Pete, for years. In order to make headway in his investigation, Pete was forced to make contact with his estranged family - visiting his borderline-senile father, Harold, to get a professional profiling on the killer and his sister, Romany, who could translate the symbols on the bodies. With Romany's help, they determined that the murderer delusionally believed himself to be Cain, son of Adam, and was composing a letter directly to God on the corpses he was leaving behind, asking for forgiveness and to be allowed admittance into heaven. Ascertaining the killer's identity as John Gideon, a deranged officer of the Mystery School, they tracked him down just as he had made contact with the plucky Amanda Jardine... and just after Harold Wisdom had taken it upon himself to hunt down Gideon.[2]

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