Before his son was born, Doctor Ronald Rankin worked for the Canadian Government on what was then called Project Alpha/Omega. It is believed he had involved himself in some of the tests, and this is the reason his son had latent unlocked abilities.[4]

He went on with his life as a scientist and became involved in "strange, dangerous experiments". One day, his son Calvin accidentally knocked over one of his father's beakers, producing a gas that granted him the power to mimic another person's abilities as long as he was close to them. Because he was afraid of the distrust of other people against his son, Rankin devoted himself to hiding Calvin and himself in a cave so that he could build a machine that could nullify his son's powers (while Calvin believed it would make his powers permanent).[2]

When people began to learn about his machines, an angry mob tried to storm the Rankins' hideaway. Rankin tried to detonate explosives to seal off the cave and deter the mob, but was killed in the explosion.[2]

His son would later go on to become the X-Men's enemy and, at one time, member Mimic.


Capable Scientist.

  • Dr. Rankin was involved with Wolverine's development to an unknown extent. His hologram remarked being happy to see Logan before his machine was destroyed.[5]

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