Quote1 I will unfurl one thousand years of Kree justice on Xandar, and burn it to its core! Then, Thanos, I'm coming for you. Quote2
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Ronan was the Kree Empire's Public Accuser. At one point, he had a quarrel with Captain Marvel, of which he ultimately survived. After the Kree and the Xandarian Empire signed a peace treaty, Ronan and his battalion of Kree were outraged as they considered the Xandarians should pay for their crimes against the Kree. They defected from the Kree army in the ship the Dark Aster and attacked various Xandarian outposts.[1]

Hunting the Orb

Ronan went on to make a pact with the Mad Titan Thanos, in exchange for claiming a mysterious Orb and giving it to Thanos, he would use it to destroy Xandar. Thanos sent his two daughters Nebula and Gamora to aid him.

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Ronan was called in by Thanos when it was learned that Gamora was planning to betray them the whole time. He and Nebula travelled to Sanctuary to meet with Thanos. Thanos' aide, the Other, mostly spoke on Thanos' behalf. However, having enough of the Other, Ronan killed him and demanded Thanos' respect. Thanos then threatened to kill Ronan should he fail in retrieving the Orb.

Ronan and Nebula tracked down Gamora to the Klyn, where she and her companions had already escaped with the Orb. Before continuing their search for Gamora, Ronan ordered the Klyn to be cleansed.

Ronan and his army had tracked Gamora and her allies to the planet Knowhere, thanks to a message from Drax. Gamora attempted to flee and Ronan attempted to pursue, but was faced with an Drax, angered and seeking a battle with the one who murdered his family. Ronan fought off Drax, and threw him in a vat of spinal fluid. Ronan, then returned to the Dark Aster, where he reunited with Nebula who had retrieved the Orb from Gamora.

Back at the Dark Aster, Ronan contacted Thanos of the success he had made. Thanos demanded Ronan to give him the Orb, but Ronan, being aware of the Orb's power, refused. He opens the Orb to discover a stone within. He put the stone in his Universal Weapon. It became evident that he grew in power with the stone in his possession, so he threatened Thanos that he would come to end him after he was done destroying Xandar.[1]

Battle of Xandar

The Nova Corps, Xandar's police force, were informed of Ronan's plans by Star-Lord, another ally of Gamora. With the help of the Ravagers, the Nova Corps attempted to prevent the Dark Aster from landing in Xandar. Meanwhile, Gamora and her allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy, infiltrated the Dark Aster and confronted both Nebula and Ronan. They attempted to kill Ronan by crash-landing the ship, but they failed.

After landing, Ronan was distracted by Star-Lord, who challenged him to a dance battle, long enough for Rocket to reactivate one of his weapons and blast Ronan's hammer, shattering it, and freeing the Stone. Star-Lord managed to grasp the stone and seize its power by distributing to the other Guardians by means of contact. Once they had managed to control the stone without perishing to its power, to Ronan's surprise, they used it to disintegrate Ronan.[1]


Kree Physiology: As a Kree, Ronan’s natural attributes are greater than most of his species, likely due to his status as an Accuser and his advanced technology.

  • Superhuman Strength: Ronan has superhuman strength. Ronan possessed enough strength to easily overpower someone as strong as Drax the Destroyer.[1]
  • Superhuman Agility:: Despite his massive size, Ronan proved to be incredibly agile, as he was easily able to counter all the hits that Drax, though he was in a drunken state.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: Ronan had durability that is well beyond that of a human.[1]


Expert Tactician: Ronan is a skilled strategist, and an experienced member of the Kree military.[1]

Master Combatant: Ronan is a master of combat and military training.[1]


Dark Aster


  • Universal Weapon
  • * Power Stone: Ronan the Accuser came into possession of the Orb and embedded it in his Universal Weapon to try an destroy Xandar.
  • Lee Pace portrays Ronan in the film Guardians of the Galaxy, and will reprise his role in the upcoming film Captain Marvel.[2]
  • Ronan was the one who gave the Guardians their name, when he sarcastically referred to them as: "Your Guardians of the Galaxy!".

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