Quote1 You think you've won?! This is only the beginning! We will decimate this pathetic planet! Quote2
-- Ronan src

Ronan was a student and the Cosmic Conservatory.

At some point Thanos, a student of the Conservatory took over the Conservatory and eventually decided to use the Power Gem along with the Infinity Gauntlet for an evil plan, a few of the other students tried to stop him and they were somehow able to get the Power Gem that was now broken into shards, but Star-Lord decided to go to far and try to steal Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, because of that they were caught and had to escaped from him, on Thanos orders they were pursued by Ronan and a group of Chitauri.

Ronan (Earth-TRN562) from Marvel Avengers Academy 002

In his jail cell after being defeated

After arriving at the Avengers Academy where the students he was pursuing crashed, he learned that they had allied themselves with the students at the Academy, Ronan and his Chitauri minions were eventually beaten by them and Ronan was imprisoned at the Academy.

Avengers Under Siege

As part of Mephisto's plan, Ronan was freed from his cage by Baron Zemo who was promised if he freed the villains they would serve him as part of the new Masters of Evil.[1]


Seemingly those of the Ronan of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ronan of Earth-616.


Universal Weapon:

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