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Rook'shir was a Shi'ar who bonded with the Phoenix Force. He became a Dark Phoenix and wreaked havoc across Shi'ar Empire. The first Imperial Guard was formed to stop him, and they succeeded. Rook'shir was killed by the Imperial Guard's leader; Gladiator. For five hundred years all his descendants were culled, out of fear that one of them might host the Phoenix Force like their ancestor. Rook'shir left behind a sword known as the Blade of the Phoenix which contained a small portion of the Phoenix Force's power. The sword could only be lifted by Rook'shir's descendants. Korvus is the only known surviving descendant of Rook'shir.[1]

During battle with Vulcan's new Guard, the Phoenix fragment within Korvus' sword removed itself before streaking way into space, rendering the Blade of the Phoenix bereft of its powerful qualities.[2]

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Rook'shir was a Phoenix avatar.



Blade of the Phoenix

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