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Rorgg was the king of a planet of spider-like aliens who believed themselves to be superior to other races. Deciding to conquer other worlds, the aliens decided that Earth would make a good first target. The aliens shot their webs at faster than light speed across the galaxy from their homeworld to ours. The aliens decided to first take over a small New Mexican town in order to gauge the resistance that they would face from humans. The townspeople seemed helpless before the might of the alien invaders, their blades and axes were unable to cut the spiderwebs, bullets did nothing against the creatures, they could not even radio for outside help. As the aliens became more confident they also became more boastful, believing humanity to have no weapons which could stop them. One teenage boy, however, had an idea and blasted Rorgg in the face with a full can of the pesticide DDT. Rorgg seemingly chocked and died from his exposure to the poison. At the sight of this, the rest of Rorgg's forces retreated from Earth, heading back to their home planet.[1]

Years later, Rorgg's remains were somehow acquired by Frank Johnson along with those of the Two-Headed Thing, Grottu and the Blip. Johnson displayed the bodies in his "Museum of the Monsterous and Strange." When Johnson was later kipnapped by a lost tribe of Aztec warriors, all of the creatures were somehow brought back from the dead in order to confront the Fantastic Four The monsters were soon defeated by the heroes.[2]

Sometime later, the monster known as Goom told his son Googam a bedtime story wherein the Hulk seemingly slew Rorgg. [3] However that appears to have just been a story as Rorgg has been seen alive since. Rorgg later appeared on Monster Isle when Shadowcat and Magik appeared to look for a mutant girl named Bo. Rorgg was among the monsters that attacked the three until Magik teleported herself, Shadowcat, and Bo to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[4]


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  • As with all members of his race, Rorgg possesses six limbs, superhuman strength, durability and size. Members of his race have thick hides which are imperious to gunfire and appear to be immune to the effects of the vacuum of outer space.
  • The Spider Men can generate webbing which can apparently travel at the speed of light and can even traverse open space to connect far distant worlds. These webs are very durable and are unable to be cut using conventional knives and axes. These webs are also electrically charged and can block radio waves.

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