Rory Destine, and his twin sister Pandora Destine, fought crime under the Crimson Crusader and Pandora believing themselves to be mutants.[1]


  • Gravitikinesis: Rory has the ability to manipulate gravity for a variety of effects. He is able to fly, and levitate others by negating the effects of gravity on them. He can alter gravity to make objects extremely heavy, or light enough for him to float or throw them beyond the limits of his physical strength.
  • Force Fields: He can create force fields that can protect him from projectiles including bullets, and to crush small objects. He has been seen to be able to contain the explosion of a grenade within his force fields, and keep it from harming others when it explodes. Since Rory is still an adolescent, it is probable that the extent of his powers and his control over them will increase as he gets older.

Strength level

Rory possesses the normal human strength of a boy of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


Rory's powers only work when his twin sister Pandora is nearby.

  • Rory is fan of several superheroes, among them Spider-Man.

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