Rosalie Carbone was a Mafia princess in the Carbone crime family. She became attracted to the family's new addition, Johnny Tower[1], and felt used and betrayed when "Tower" turned out to be Frank Castle, the Punisher[2].

Rosalie seized control of the Carbone crime family by eliminating the remaining leadership after they refused to acknowledge her as the heir[3]. She then put out a $5 million bounty on the Punisher which led to 7 international assassins attempt to collect the bounty, all of whom failed.[4][5]

Though she was invited to the national summit of crime figures at the Manhattan Tower, she declined and therefore was not one of those to die at the hands of the Punisher.[6] Later she met with Vito Vadduci at sea to discuss merging the two families but was betrayed by him who attempted to have her killed.[7]. They met afterwards again in Las Vegas at another meeting, where Rosalie killed Vito herself.[8]

When the Punisher was now working with the Geraci Crime Family, she attended a meeting of crimelords that included the Geraci. Her men interrupted the meeting, attempting to assassinate the Punisher. In the firefight which followed, Rosalie and the Punisher ended up at the rooftop where she was on the verge of killing him when she was shot in the back by Leslie Geraci and plunged to her death several stories below.[9]



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