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Lady Rosamund was a lady-in-waiting who lived in Camelot during the 6th Century. Following the death of her parents she became a ward of King Arthur. When King Arthur's son Mordred and Morgan Le Fay began plotting to take over Camelot, Merlin summoned Sir Percy of Scandia to be his secret operative known as the Black Knight. In order to cover for his dual identity, Percy acted as a clumsy coward. He soon became quite smitten by Lady Rosamund, however she disliked him due to his appearance of a coward. She soon developed an interest in the Black Knight, whose mystique and mystery appealed to her.[1]

Rosamund was frequently captured or sought after by the various foes of the Black Knight. The earliest such capture was at the hands of the Viking warrior Lief the Lucky, whom was defeated by the Black Knight.[2] Not long after this, French knight Sir D'Arcy came to Camelot seeking to join the Knights of the Round Table and take Rosamund's hand in marriage. Sir D'Arcy was defeated in battle and was denied both. He later attempted to kidnap Lady Rosamund while she was secretly out in town, but he was thwarted by the Black Knight.[3] Sir Guy Wandrell also sought to win Lady Rosamund's heart by amassing a great deal of wealth through pillaging. He was stopped by King Arthur and the Black Knight. Wandrell later went to pose as the Black Knight in order to discredit the hero, but was also defeated. Lady Rosamund, Sir Percy and the King were all later captured by French-Sicilian pirates under the employ of Mordred. While they were being taken away, Sir Percy managed to escape and as the Black Knight succeeded in tracking down the island where they were being kept prisoner and rescued.[4] Another potential suitor came from Sir Gilles who sought Rosamund's hand in marriage while also conspiring with Sir Mordred in taking over Camelot. King Arthur refused to allow Sir Gilles to marry Rosamund unless he captured the Dragon of Kenswood Swamp. Sir Gilles seemingly succeeded, but the Black Knight revealed that the "dragon" was really a "Trojan Horse" hiding an invading army. After defeating Sir Gilles and his forces, Lady Rosamund awarded the Black Knight with a rose.[5]

Eventually, Sir Percy revealed his double identity to Rosamund, and the two were wed. Rosamund bore Percy two children prior to his death, Edward and Geoffrey, who carried on the family line.[6]

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