A very violent man, while beating his son Cletus, Roscoe struck his wife Louise with force while she tried to interfere to defend his son. Louise fell because of the blow and in the fall she struck her head. Roscoe tried to revive her, but it was no use: Louise was dead.[1] He was then sent to prison, screaming at Cletus for condemning him at the trial.[2] Years later, when Doctor Ashley Kafka and John Jameson were trapped in the mind of Cletus Kasady, they witnessed a vision of Roscoe Kasady being executed by electric chair.[3] If this is the absolute fate of Roscoe Kasady, it is questionable, as Cletus has provided conflicting accounts of his childhood in the past.[4]



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  4. For example, Cletus has given two different accounts of how his grandmother died that can be seen in Venom Carnage Unleashed #3 and Carnage Vol 2 #12.

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