Police Work

Sergeant Blume was a member of the New York City Police Department.[1]

His brother, Billy, who was a cop, was killed by Kingpin; from this moment, Blume wanted revenge against Kingpin.[2]


Blume took for himself the alias of The Rose after the original Rose, Richard Fisk, was unmasked. Blume, as The Rose, allied himself with Richard Fisk, secretly Richard's friend Alfredo Morelli diguised as him, to take down Kingpin's Empire of Crime.[3]

Later, when Alfredo put a hit on Peter Parker, who had made photos of him and Blume together, Blume thought that they've went too far, and asked Alfredo to stop hunting Parker and Spider-Man. Alfredo, now lost in his role of "Richard Fisk", cancelled his alliance with Blume.

After Blume and Spider-Man had united theirselves to stop "Richard" (who had become the new Kingpin), Blume was killed by Alfredo's men.[4]

Dead No More

Some time later, the Jackal brought back to life Blume in a new cloned body; back as The Rose, Blume decided to stay with the Jackal, serving him at New U Technologies with other resurrected Spider-Man's villains.[5]



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