Born to a world ravaged by the alien Progeny, Rose was created as a human/Progeny hybrid meant to prevent the original energy signature that alerted the Progeny to Earth's existence. Sent back in time with her robotic surrogate parents, her "mother" was killed during the journey and her "father" did what he could to raise her as a normal human.

When the Phoenix Force arrived on Earth-93060 looking for a new host, it selected Amber Hunt, drawing numerous super-groups from across the world (along with the X-Men and allies Banshee and Jubilee who had been transported to the planet by Gateway) to New York City, where some battled to possess the power of the Phoenix while others battled to save their world and still others battled to save Amber. During the battle, wild energy streams were released, doing damage to the building Rose was living in, causing her "father" to fall to the street below. Digging him free from the rubble, Rose discovered her father to be relatively unharmed...and a cyborg. Angered over being lied to, Rose's powers first manifested and she expelled the Phoenix Force from Amber Hunt.

Passing out from the exertion, Rose awoke in a strange hospital and found she'd been transported 50 years into the future, where she eventually learned of her true nature and along with the last surviving Ultras and many cyborgs like her father, called Dragoons, she fought against, and repelled the invading Progeny.


Alien/Human Hybrid

  • Metal Body: Foxfire's alien DNA allows her to turn her skin into golden metal that is virtually invulnerable.
    • Enhanced Strength and Speed: In her metallic form she is superhumanly strong and fast.
  • Flight: Foxfire is able to fly.
  • Thermokinetic Energy Absorption and Generation: She can fire blasts of thermokinetic energy as well as absorb energy, thanks to her Progeny heritage.
  • Phoenix-Force Siphoning: She is capable of siphoning energy from the Phoenix Force.
    • Cosmic-Fire: After siphoning some of the energy of the Phoenix Force, she gained Cosmic Fire powers
    • Time and Dimensional Travel: She also gained the ability to time travel and jump between dimensions.

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