After Gorr travelled to far future, he began using the Pool of Forevers to abduct gods from across the timestream.[1] Following Gorr's death, several of these gods were left without homes and chose to settle in Asgard, while others sought out planets to preside over. When Thor the Avenger returned to the past, he brought back a group of gods to replace the original Sky Lords of Indigarr - who had been slaughtered by Gorr.[2]

Rose Father became the leader of the gods, and together with The Choir, Our Lady of Comets, Meat Mother, and the Prince of Soot proceeded to terraform Indigarr from a desolate wasteland into a verdant garden, but as the eons passed they fell dormant and were assumed to have perished.

Billions of years later, he and his brethern were awakened by the Goddesses of Thunder to help All-Father Thor fight against Loki, who had taken up the primordial symbiote All-Black. By the time they reached the battle, Loki had resurrected Gorr, who had reclaimed All-Black and was trying to drown Thor and Loki in its living abyss.[3]

The Sky Lords of Indigarr attacked Gorr, mockingly stating that they were his true legacy and helping the Goddesses of Thunder defeat him. However, Gorr revealed that his body had been a construct created by All-Black, taking over the primordial symbiote and using it to infect the very universe itself - attacking them with symbiote-infected planetoids.[4]

After All-Black was destroyed and Gorr was resurrected but left amnesiac and insane, the Sky-Lords. Rose Father stopped the Our Lady of Comets from aiming an arrow at Gorr for destroying the flowers. He reasoned that it was his garden now, and that they were not his jailers, but what he needed in his past: loving gods.[5]


Rose Father was capable of manipulating plant life, even upon himself, as he was able to grown thorns on his arms.


Rose Father wields a staff embedded with a stone at the top.

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