Rose Rosemann was the owner of Rosemann's, an auction house located on Upper West Side. She once met and befriended Wilson Fisk, offering him her auction house to cover up money laundering operations. When Fisk was incarcerated, his vast collection of statues and relics from china were being auctioned on her establishment. In one of the statues, there was an important file containing vital information about a top-secret Oscorp experiment codenamed "Devil's Breath". Shortly before the auction, Mary Jane Watson, posing as an reporter sent to take pictures of the objects, visited the gallery a day earlier, and used the opportunity to investigate more about Fisk's secrets. This wasn't until the Demons invaded the place after the file, taking Rose as hostage. She was later saved by Spider-Man, who also came to the location to investigate.[1]

  • Rose is shown to be a very close friend of Wilson Fisk, knowing a lot of his personal life and tastes.

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