Dr. Ross Ekker was a mad scientist who was active during the 1940s. From his laboratory with his assistant Hugo, he invented a sonic device that would drive living creatures temporarily insane. After successfully testing it on live animals, he then stepped up to human trials. Kidnapping a young girl named Sally Cooper, he intended to test the device out on her; however, the girl's disappearance led her father and the Vision to Ekker's lab. Ekker captured both would-be rescuers, the latter he exposed to his device. Thanks to the Vision's vastly different biology, the device merely stunned him momentarily.

Deciding to test his device on a wider range of subjects, Ekker and Hugo left to use the device out in public, turning an entire street of innocent people into raving lunatics. The Vision managed to break free from his bonds and with the Coopers caught up with Ekker and his assistant. A car chase began which ended when Ekker's truck crashed into a hydro pole. The Vision fought the two men, and when Hugo was knocked onto the live wires and electrocuted to death, Ekker attempted to flee on foot. Not watching where he was going, Ekker ran out into the middle of the street and was fatally struck down by a speeding car.[1]


Ekker created a sonic device that could temporarily drive people insane. Its effects wore off after exposure.

His Super-Sonic Sound Machine is similar to Doctor Wilton Wilkes' Insanity Inducing Ray Gun/Cannon and Jonas Harrow's Variator Beam and the Madbomb.

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