Born with paralysed legs and losing both his parents at a young age in different wars, Ross spent his youth being raised by his grandmother, who took him to see the Reverend Mike Pike. The reverend managed to make Ross able to walk and he became the reverend's disciple. Ross became so captivated by his belief he could fix the world that he decided to become a costumed activist. However, when he went to show Pike his costume he learned that the reverend didn't practice what he preached and in his anger, Ross strangled the reverend to death. He placed Pike's body in a glass tube filled with formaldehyde and became the Foolkiller to rid the world of people he deemed fools. His targets included Richard Rory and F. A. Schist but he was was killed by accident by Man-Thing after the glass tube containing Pike's body smashed and pierced his heart. [1]





Strength level

Normal human male with intensive regular exercise.


Armoured truck fitted with surveillance equipment.


Purification Gun, a form of laser pistol with a 30 yard range.

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