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Ross Palmer

Ross Palmer was a millionaire sportsman during the 1940s. Each year he held a race to Viking Point where the contestants sailed in ships from different eras competing for a million dollar prize which Palmer himself paid out. However, by 1948 Palmer had made a number of bad investments and was now completely broke. To hide his shame, Palmer intended to have the race as usual, but developed the identity of the Viking to sabotage the race to insure that he won, thus avoiding to pay out the million dollars which he didn't have.

However, this plot was discovered by rival boat racer Alphonse Green, who contacted newspaper reporter Betty Dean to ask for the Sub-Mariner's assistance. Before Namor and his cousin Namora could arrive at Green's house to talk, the Viking murdered him. After a brief clash with the two Atlanteans, the Viking managed to flee the scene. The Viking then targeted Alphonse's boat, a Viking Regatta slave ship which was now being piloted in the competition by Green's brother. The Sub-Mariner searched the ship for acts of sabotage, catching the Viking and his men trying to scuttle the ship. However, Namor was overpowered and the Viking -- not recognizing the Sub-Mariner -- then chained the hero up in the hold and hid until the race started. While the boat was out at sea fighting a storm, the Viking and his men sabotaged it and escaped to sabotage the others.

The Sub-Mariner broke free and with Namora tracked down the Viking to the final ship in the race, a tug boat and battled him there. Realizing he was fighting a losing battle, the Viking attempted to flee in a speed boat by Namor and Namora stopped him from getting away. The Viking was then unmasked and the truth learned. Ross was then turned over to the police to face trial for his crimes.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


When masquerading as the Viking, Ross wore a life-like mask to conceal his identity.


As the Viking, Ross carried a throwing axe.

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