Quote1.png ...Hela! She is an outsider! She has brought naught but the trappings of Niffleheim to this once fair land! She belongs not in Valhalla. Yet since Odin seems to have foresaken us, she is our queen -- it is our duty to serve her! Quote2.png
-- Svava src


Rossveissa, also known as Svava, is one of the Valkyrior.

During the war between Hela and Ollerus, Svava served Hela. She was part of the Valkyrior under the command of Brunnhilde. [1] Svava suggested that Val should have ignored Hela's summons and never returned. The two Valkyries observed the surrounding barren wastelands, which were still within the area of Valhalla. Val comments that time has changed Valhalla from a bountiful land to a land of desolation. Svava pointed that this was not the work of time, but the work of Hela. Svava viewed Hela as an outsider who had brought the trappings of Niffleheim to to Valhalla. She believed, however, that Odin has forsaken them. They were therefore duty-bound to serve Hela. Val angrily ordered Svava to do her duty, then flied away on Aragorn.[1]


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