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Pre-Cataclysmic Age

Rotath of Lemuria was a wizard and priest of nameless gods whom King Asphodel IV, king of Lemuria, feared.

Asfodel hired Kull to slay him but, while dying, Rotath cursed Asfodel and Kull, and managed to cast a spell to ensure his return.[1]

Hyborian Age

He was eventually reborn in a body of solid gold during the Hyborian Age, when a lone Turanian hillman discovered his golden bones. He then civilized the hillmen tribes and led them to the Valley of the Sun, taking seat in a jutting silvery citadel, standing amid a city old as time. Wishing to claim the throne of Turan, he then ordered to kidnap Princess Yolinda and enslave Conan and Juma the Black to mine for gold in the valley's deep caverns. He was eventually killed by a giant slug which was attracted to his golden body.[1]


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