General Roudo, a resident of the planet Sunev, is a member of the Birdmen -- the dominant species on the planet. Unknown to all, he was secretly a spy for the evil Parrot-Men who sought to rule their world. When Zephyr Jones and his ally Corky Grogan arrived on Sunev from Earth, they first met Roudo who took him to his leaders King Bolo and Princess Tonka.

Growing jealous of all the scientific advances Zephyr brought to the Birdmen and his budding romance with Princess Tonka, Roudo framed them for being spies of the Parrot-Men. With the two humans locked up to be executed, Roudo ordered the Parrot-Men to attack the kingdom of the Birdmen. During the fight, Zephyr and Corky were freed and used their guns to fight off the Parrot-Men invasion. Having never encountered guns before, the Parrot-Men fled, and Roudo attempted to flee with them. Zephyr personally brought Roudo down and turned him over to King Bolo who had him executed for treason.[1]


Roudo was an avian humanoid who could fly thanks to the wings that grow out of his back. Presumably, he has physical adaptions that are commonly associated with avian humanoids including hollow bones and specially treated eyes to provide wind resistance.

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