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Roussel Dupont was a former member of the French Foreign Legion who turned mercenary for hire. His right arm has been replaced by a chain gun. He dubs himself Rapido.[1]

Encountering the Punisher

Rapido has frequently encountered the Punisher. [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][1]

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Civil War

Rapido was one of the many mercenaries reluctantly hired by the French government to prevent more unregistered American heroes from illegally entering the country. He was supported by the French Armed Forces in his task, as well as fellow mercenary Le Peregrine.[10]

Fear Itself

During the Fear Itself crisis due to the Serpent's actions, and especially to Mokk's attack on Paris, Rapido and other mercenaries were hired to steal the launch codes of the French government's nuclear arsenal and invade a hide-out of the Ministry of Defense in Marseilles.

They were stopped by Black Widow and Le Peregrine, but succeeded in transmitting the codes.[11]

Batroc's Brigade

Rapido appeared with Batroc, Zaran, and a female version of Machete in Madripoor as the new Batroc's Brigade. The Brigade crashed a weapons expo and came into conflict with Iron Man and Captain America over the Harvester Protocol which was a virus that could render technology useless. Rapido aimed his chain gun at Captain America while he was preoccupied with Zaran and Machete but Iron Man broke through a wall and hit Rapido with a repulsor blast. Batroc protected his employer Kashmir Vennema as she activated the Harvester device and it corrupted Iron Man's armor, disabled Captain America's light shield and took control of the Pym-Stark Myriad Engine and its production of hornet drones.[12]

Roussel Dupont (Earth-616)

Rapido's weapon


Since becoming a cyborg, Rapido's right arm has been replaced with a chain gun that he can command mentally. He has also had other modifications including a laser sight, and a grenade launcher, among others.

  • "Rapido" means "quick/fast" in Italian and Spanish.

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