Roust was one of the Forgotten. When X-Man attacked the Forgotten to save Threnody, Jackknife's powers was accidentally increased and out of control. Because of that he went mad and slew most of the Forgotten. Blaming Nate for what happened, he decided kill him too.

Roust was one of those who survived the massacre. He escaped looking for Nate to warn him about Jackknife. Roust came to Nate Grey's Loft, but there he was attacked by Prime Sentinels. He was saved by John Grey, and together with Gailyn and Joey, he ran away and hid. Later, Nate found and rescued them.

A few weeks later, Nate, Jam, Bux and Rita danced at the Limelight club and was attacked by Jackknife. After the battle Roust for a time lived in the Loft, together with Nate, girls and Dr. Arlington.

When Nate left the city, Roust and his brother Joust joined Arlington in his journey around the world.[1]

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