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Quote1.png Roxxon undisputedly leads the world in energy production. Its' power plant, located a short distance from New York, is rumored to contain some kind of experimental reactor core. Quote2.png
Agent Maria Hill[src]


A prolific corporation, Roxxon collaborated with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Damage Control to clean up Grand Central Station after Sandman and Abomination attacked it, with Hulk helping them.

Roxxon was attacked by Magneto controlling the Statue of Liberty, stealing its power core.

After Magneto's attack on Roxxon the plant, the majority of workers were evacuated due to the Station becoming unsafe. However, four people were left inside, leading a nearby passerby to rescue the four.

Around a similar time, Roxxon created a device to mine a Wakandan island of its resources. It was disabled by allies of Black Panther. [1]

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