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The Roxxon Corporation was a multi-conglomerate pharmaceutical empire. The company's pharmaceutical research was merely a front for Roxxon's true goals was researching advanced weapons and creating superpowered individuals, the latter of which was illegal in international law. Roxxon was led by Donald Roxxon, the company's heir, who is inept and has no clue what his company is doing. Among its employees were Elijah Stern and Herman Schultz, who were gifted individuals and were subsequently fired for the company's own misdeeds resulting in the former hiring supervillains in attacking Roxxon. According to Schultz, who became the Shocker, Roxxon is among of many powerful corporations who actually "rule the world" and stating that if Roxxon were ever to be brought down, "two more would grow in its place".[1]

Roxxon Corporation (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 12.JPG

The company also contains a sample of the symbiote in which it was about to be stolen by the Beetle until being interrupted by Spider-Man, in which the sample was made worthless after it was broken from its vial during the fight.[2]

The Roxxon facility in New Jersey was attacked by Reed Richards when a large biomass exploded inside the building.[3] The company assembled a Brain Trust to figure out the attack that was similarly done to the Baxter Building. Immediately afterward, Roxxon was attacked by the same entity which crushed the entire building.[4]

Under Phillip R. Roxxon, the company's true heir, Roxxon secretly used guinea pigs in experiments to create super-soldiers as well as restoring the symbiote.[5][6][7]


  • Over seven Roxxon plants in the United States were targeted and attacked by Reed Richards. The attack on the New Jersey industrial facility drew the attention of SHIELD and several other super powered individuals. [8]

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