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Roxxon Corporation Board of Directors
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Republic Oil and Natural Gas Board of Directors[1]
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Executive Board of Roxxon Corporation


The Roxxon Corporation Board of Directors was the Executive Council which oversaw the activities and the management of Roxxon Energy Corporation, formerly known as Republic Oil and Natural Gas.[1]

Republic Oil's President Hugh Jones authorized Vice President Simon Krieger to arrange the death of business antagonists Howard and Maria Stark, owners of Stark Industries.[2]

Later Jones organized a Board meeting with Krieger, V.P. of Foreign Operations John T. Gamelin and V.P. of Research Jonas Hale in order to find a way to take over Stark Industries from Tony Stark's control; Krieger first contacted the Saboteur, who was stopped by Iron Man (secretly Tony Stark himself),[2] and later tried to impersonate Stark at a S.H.I.E.L.D. Board meeting; however the real Stark arrived dressed as Iron Man, revealing the imposter's identity as Roxxon executive Simon Krieger. While Krieger was in prison, President Jones had him killed by one of his men; later, at a Board meeting, he officially changed Republic Oil's corporate name into Roxxon Oil Corporation.[3]

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