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Roxxon Island was a floating island owned by the Roxxon Energy Corporation. It was the main base for the companies CEO Dario Agger.[1]


Malekith the Accursed accompanied Frost Giants, led by Skrymir,[2] to reclaim Laufey's skull,[3] resulting in a clash with Roxxon forces who had retrieved it. The Odinson, now deprived from Mjolnir, and whose arm as cut off by Malekith, allied with the new Thor to oppose them.[1] That raid's conclusion resulted in the death of Skrymir,[2] the smashing of the skull, which was revealed to be a decoy, and a brawl between Thor and the Odinson, the latter finally accepting the new owner of the hammer. Malekith then fled, protecting himself from retaliation using his elected king status, and destroying Thor's replacement arm, though he soon returned to form an alliance with Dario Agger over the real skull of Laufey.[4]

Later, Malekith and Agger reached a deal: Svartalfheim oil for the skull of Laufey.[5] While Thor and the Destroyer battled on Roxxon Island, the two villains went to Alfheim to slaughter Light Elves,[6] and using the blood of a hundred of them, Malekith was able to resurrect Laufey.[7]

When Dario's business associates learned of his agreement with Malekith, they attempted a hostile takeover of Roxxon, including Silver Samurai sabotaging the systems of Roxxon Island with a nasty computer virus and Exterminatrix kidnapping the CEO.[8] This triggered the Agger Imperative, a contingency plan which weaponized Roxxon Island and aimed the flying fortress directly at the heart of Earth's financial centers on Wall Street.[9]

Thor and Agent Roz Solomon raced to prevent the destruction of Manhattan, as Exterminatrix and Silver Samurai sought to rob Roxxon Island's vault.[10] When it became apparent that Roxxon Island's self-destruction could not be prevented, S.H.I.E.L.D. evacuated the personnel before Thor hurled the floating base into the Sun to end the threat.[11]

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