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Roxxon Plaza was a new base of Roxxon being built in Harlem. In the center of the plaza, Roxxon also built their very first NuForm reactor, planning to use it as a source of clean energy for Harlem. In December 2019, After learning that The Underground were planning to attack Roxxon's reputation by overloading the NuForm Reactor to destroy the Plaza, Simon Krieger quickly redesigned the reactor, so that if tampered with, the energy would instead destroy the entirety of Harlem. Days later, When The Tinkerer had acquired a NuForm sample to blow up the Plaza, Spider-Man intercepted her, being forced to fight her while trying to warn that if the NuForm was to be inserted in the Reactor, a massive explosion would wipe Harlem off the map. Eventually, Spider-Man had to absorb the energy of the Reactor, with the Tinkerer having to carry him away from civilians.[1]


In Earth-1048:

  • Roxxon begun the construction of the Plaza between the events of Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with the Plaza still having not been completly finished or open to public when its's partial destruction occured by the hands of the Tinkerer and Spider-Man.
  • The NuForm reactor at the core of the Plaza was planned to be the first of a series of similar reactors scattered across New York, with the promise of eventually powering up the entire city with clean energy.

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