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A teen living in Los Angeles, Roy Reyna found the magic Mexican Wrestling mask that had formerly belonged to his Earth-8101 counterpart in a bush and discovered its powers.[1]

Reyna, in human form

Recognizing someone he thought to be his lost friend in a news report, Speedball was sent to LA by the Initiative to locate the superpowered Ape. After finding that it was not his friend, but rather his friend's inexperienced human Earth-616 version, Speedball ended up teaming up with the eager teen to help fight Red Ghost and his Super-Apes.[2] Speedball and Ape-X defeated Red Ghost and sent him running, but Ape-X also retained the memories of his counterpart from Earth-38831 who traveled to the Zombie-infested Earth-21050 before those events were undone by Time Travel.[3][4]



Seemingly those of Roy Reyna of Earth-8101 as well as the ability to telepathically communicate with the Super-Apes. Whether this extends to other primates is unknown.

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