A teen living in Los Angeles, Roy Reyna found the magic Mexican Wrestling mask that had formerly belonged to his Earth-8101 counterpart in a bush and discovered its powers. [1]

Reyna, in human form

Recognizing who he thought to be his lost friend in a news report, Speedball was sent to LA by Initiative to locate the superpowered Ape. After finding that it was not his friend, but rather his friend's inexperienced human Earth-616 version, Speedball ended up teaming up with the eager teen to help fight Red Ghost and his Super-Apes. During the battle, Red Ghost and Speedball were pulled into the Monkeyverse and Ape X and the Super-Apes were arrested by H.A.M.M.E.R..[2][3]

After being freed by the makeshift trio of Gibbon, Gorilla Girl, and Jane Potter, Reyna and the Super-Apes joined them as they traveled to the Monkeyverse to save Speedball. Just as the world was being besieged by Zombies.[3]

With help from Spider-Monkey and the zombie head of Mister Fantastic, the group was able to set up a time machine which would allow them to stop the Zombie Invasion. The plan required one of their group to travel back in time and destroy the portal between the two worlds before Speedball and Red Ghost were pulled through, causing the breach that the Zombies entered though. The catch to this was that it would either trap the traveler in the Monkeyverse or erase them from existence entirely. Reyna volunteered but was knocked out by Gorilla Girl who took his place. Gorilla Girl succeeded in destroying the portal, creating a split timeline, leaving only Reyna and Jane Potter with memories of what happened.[4]


Seemingly those of Roy Reyna of Earth-8101 as well as the ability to telepathically communicate with the Super-Apes. Whether this extends to other primates is unknown.

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