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Roy Reyna, better known as Ape X, is a hero and member of the Ape-Vengers, along with his partner Speedball. In reality, Roy is really a small monkey, but when he put on a magical Mexican wrestling mask, he transforms into a giant gorilla. When he first met the Gibbon, they became fast friends, but this friendship ended when Reed Richards was killed by Baron Blood, who was disguised as his world's Captain America, and Gibbon got framed for it. Later when Gibbon was captured, Ape X beat him up, still believing that Gibbon killed Reed Richards. During the final battle between the Ape-Vengers and the Outsiders, Ape X and the others discovered the truth about Baron Blood and the Invaders. Ape X was the one who saved Gibbon when Baron Blood was choking him, and told Gibbon, Fiona, and the wounded Speedball to go through the dimensional portal to Earth-616, saying that he would deal with Baron Blood. Ape X then fought one-on-one with Baron Blood and was fatally injured. However, before seemingly dying, he managed to kill Baron Blood by blasting an energy bolt through his head, which also subsequently blew up the dimensional portal. Shortly afterwards, his magical wrestling mask somehow ended up on Earth-616, where it was found by his Earth-616 counterpart.[1]


When he puts on a magical Mexican wrestling mask, Ape X transform into a giant gorilla with super strength and with the power to shoot energy bolts from his hands.

Strength level

Unknown, presumably vastly superhuman.

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