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Roy Thomas

Roy Thomas attended the Halloween celebration with the Avengers and her wife Jean.[3]

Roy and Jeanie came back to Rutland for the next Halloween Parade and asked Tom Fagan about the mysteries surrounding Bald Mountain. The Thomases were both impressed and aghast at the creepy details.[4]

George Pérez and Roy Thomas had trouble with an issue of Fantastic Four - as the Fantastic Four themselves were in outer space, they could not report their findings for Pérez and Thomas to report those and, with the deadlines approaching, Joe Sinnott needed their input to write. They asked Stan Lee for a solution and, when consulting visiting luminary Jack Kirby, the later suggested them to make up a story, something they considered but Lee rejected on principle. The office was then assaulted by the Impossible Man, who wanted to appear in a comic-book, but Lee was against this because Impossible Man comics had received bad criticisms in the past. Impossible Man turned violent, and Pérez and Thomas had to protect Lee from damage. Finally, the Fantastic Four forced Lee to reconsider his position and approve an Impossible Man special issue but, as soon as they all left, Lee took down his promise made under duress.[5]

At a later point, Thomas saw John Verpoorten shaking Marv Wolfman and was scared at the scene.[1]

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