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Publisher: Star Comics
Type: Limited Series
Genre: Comedy
Status: Finished
Publication Date: May, 1985March, 1986
6 issues • 7 images
Royal Roy Vol 1 1.jpg
Royal Roy Vol 1 2.jpg
Royal Roy Vol 1 3.jpg
Royal Roy Vol 1 4.jpg
Royal Roy Vol 1 5.jpg
Royal Roy Vol 1 6.jpg


Royal Roy: A Prince of a Boy began in April, 1985, as an answer to the successful Harvey Comics Richie Rich series. Its title character was the young Prince Roy of Cashelot, a fictional kingdom whose name was a blend of "cash" and "Camelot." Like Richie, Roy was surrounded by wealth and luxury, but wasn't spoiled by it; in many ways, he was just like any other young boy. Also like Richie, Roy had a sweet-natured middle-class girlfriend (Crystal Cleer) and a wealthy, abrasive acquaintance (Lorna Loot) who vied for his affections.

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