Rozzo originated from the South American country of Oroco. Years ago, he was friends with a Gaucho named Alvaro. When Alvaro was out of money, Rozzo lent him half of his under the promise that if Alvaro ever obtained a great deal of profit he would give half to Rozzo. Alvaro thanked Rozzo, and when civil war broke out in Oroco, they lost track of each other. While Alvaro joined the rebellion seeking to oust the ruling dictator, Rozzo joined the dictator's army. Ultimately, the dictator lost and Alvaro -- then the leader of the rebel army -- was installed as the new president of Oroco. When the final enemy army was defeated, Alvaro learned that Rozzo was their commanding officer. Meeting with Rozzo in private, Alvaro refused to give "repay" his debt by giving Rozzo half leadership of the country, as Alvaro saw his leadership as a service to his people not a personal profit. He then had Rozzo exiled from Oroco.

Rozzo relocated to the United States where he became a criminal, earning enough gains to either purchase or construct a citadel in a swamp near Camp Lehigh. In 1941, when Alvaro came to America on a presidential visit, Rozzo sought to force Alvaro to make good his promise. What Rozzo did not account for was the fact that the U.S. military would place Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes (secretly Captain America and Bucky) as Alvaro's bodyguards during his visit. Rozzo's first attempt to capture Alvaro was thwarted by the two heroes.

Later, when Cap and Bucky brought Alvaro to Club Cantina for entertainment, Rozzo gave the dancer Lotta an explosive disguised as a flower. Captain America deflected the explosive, but in the ensuing clash, Rozzo captured Alvaro and Lotta and took them back to his Swamp Citadel. There, he threatened to torture Lotta if Alvaro did not give in. However, Captain America and Bucky stormed the citadel, compromising its structure and causing it to flood, killing Rozzo's gang.

Rozzo's Swamp Citadel from Captain America Comics Vol 1 12 0001

Swamp Citadel

Surviving, Rozzo sent a telegram to Alvaro challenging him to a one-on-one duel. Expecting Captain America and Bucky to interfere, Rozzo set up a dummy on the roof of the hotel to capture the two heroes and bind them in bolas. He then battled Alvaro in a sword fight, giving Alvaro a faulty sword that broke early in the fight. Rozzo met his end when Captain America broke free from his bonds and during their fight, got knocked off the hotel roof where he fell to his death.[1]


Rozzo had his own "Swamp Citadel" which was located in the middle of a swamp. It was only accessible by cable car. It had a lookout tower, an ammunition supply room stocked with weapons and ammo, a torture chamber, a room where Rozzo stored his stolen loot, and an alarm room that alerted Rozzo of intruders.


Rozzo's primary weapon was the bola; however, he also armed himself with a pistol and a sword. At one point, he crafted an explosive shaped like a flower.

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