Quote1 That is his way! Empathically sensing the secrets of those around him, using duplicity and flattery, Ru'ach cripples a planet's defense system from inside to make it vulnerable! Quote2
-- Silver Surfer src

Ru'ach is an Achian who came to Earth to cripple its defensive system from the inside. For his crimes, he was being chased by the Silver Surfer.

He came to the office of Matt Murdock, lied about his mission, flattered Matt on a speech he made called the "Extraterrestrial Bill of Rights", and admitted to know that he was Daredevil. He asked to be taken to the Avengers when Silver Surfer intercepted him. Matt then pushed Silver out of the building when he almost hit one of his staff.

While the two heroes chatted, Ru'ach made his way to Stark Tower and begged for the audience of Tony Stark, saying he worked for Odin. Instantly, Silver and Matt, now dressed as Daredevil, caught up to him and knocked him out, but not before he told Matt that Kirsten McDuffie would never love him.[1]


Empathy: Able to sense the secrets of those around him.


Adept liar


Voicewash Translator

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