The Rubber People were a race of beings made of sentient rubber that lived in the Land of Rubber in the realm of Nowhere, and are the product of Jimmy Jupiter's imagination and reality altering powers. Jimmy first encountered the rubber people when daydreaming about the a billboard telling people to send their rubber to "fight" in the war.

Taking it literally, Jimmy's ball came to life and brought him through the billboard to the Land of Rubber. There, Jimmy was shown the rubber trees and hard rubber mountain. Brought to the town of the Rubber People, Jimmy found that a number of the people have been placed into a "concentration camp", a metaphor for unpatriotic Americans who would not donate their rubber to the war cause. Seeing Jimmy as part of the problem, the rubber people attacked him. Jimmy got them to stop by asking them what to do. They told Jimmy to return to Earth and encourage people to donate their rubber to the war effort, and Jimmy promised it to their leader Mayor Bounce.

Thanking Jimmy for his future help, the Rubber People bid Jimmy farewell and allowed him to return to Earth. Jimmy was accompanied by his sentient rubber ball who helped him organize a rubber drive.[1] The fate of this living rubber ball is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The Rubber People are all comprised of rubber and contain the properties of the substances depending of their composition. For example, a rubber ball based on a sentient rubber ball was able to bounce. Mayor Bounce was a sentient hot water bottle and had the heat insulating properties of same.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Democracy. They are ruled by a mayor who is voted into power.
Level of Technology: Seemingly on par with 1940s society.
Cultural Traits: A democratic society, however they are hostile toward those who do not appear to be helping the war effort. In protest for the wasting of rubber in face of the war rationing, many of the Rubber People placed themselves in a symbolic "concentration camp" in protest.

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