Ruby Hale (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 16 002

When the future General Hale attacked her school rival Wolfgang von Strucker while at the Hydra Academy, Daniel Whitehall selected her for a special mission - to bear the child who would become Hydra's super-soldier. Fearing what might happen if she refused, Hale agreed, and some years later, she gave birth to a girl, Ruby.[1]

From an early age, Ruby was trained for her role as what Whitehall called the "Destroyer of Worlds", training alongside the children of other high-ranking Hydra members, including Werner von Strucker, and quickly and easily rose to the top of her class. However, she balked at the final examination, in which she was expected to kill her dog in order to prove her loyalty to Hydra above all else.[2]

On the day that she was supposed to graduate, Hydra's higher operatives were all rounded up, with her mother barely managing to evade interrogation by Glenn Talbot. Rushing back to the academy, General Hale found her daughter arguing with her instructor about killing her dog, and elected to shoot the instructor, leaving her and Ruby the last two members of Hydra.[1]

Trained to be Hydra's ultimate soldier, Ruby is ruthless and determined to win at all costs.


  • Gravitonium
    • Gravity Manipulation


Ruby has above average strength and agility.

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