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Ruby was the girlfriend of mobster Thug Thatcher before his arrest. She was genuinely worried about him when he was injured during his escape attempt, and she pleaded with him not to harm his hostages Dr. Blake or Jane Foster. When he was cornered by Thor, she begged him to surrender and take his medicine. She promised him that if he went to jail, she'd wait for him. However, he turned on her, telling her that he never loved her and she was nothing but a millstone around his neck. Thug fired at Thor, and Ruby was nearly hit by one of the bullets. Thug was arrested and Thor cleared her mind of her memories of Thug to release her from this tragic love.[2]


After Thug went to prison, Ruby moved on went to Chicago and had two kids, Mick and Kevin, with an unnamed man, which could potentially have been Thug. Nonetheless, Ruby was living alone when Thug was released from prison and used her kids to force her to cooperate. She allowed him to stay at her house, and then snuck a nose filter into Skraggmore Penitentiary, where it was eventually delivered to the Zaniac. This allowed him to escape during a gas attack by Kellen, who flew him out with a helicopter. However, Ruby was killed by Zaniac when he was released and her children were taken to Asgard to be raised with Volstagg and his family.[3][4]

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