Rudolf Parsons (Earth-616) from U.S.A. Comics Vol 1 4 002

Rudolf Parsons posting as Dr. Jurk

In 1922, Rudolf Parson gained a notorious reputation as the bank robber known as "Repulsive Rudolf", working with the likes of Jake Paskuniak and Ambrose the Ape. That year, they stole a million dollars from the Falls National Bank. While Jake and Ambrose were captured, Rudolf Parsons and the stolen money disappeared. Rudolf had hidden the loot in his brother's home, a Scottish castle called Malamoor, that was shipped to the United States brick by brick. Rudolf had gone mad, and his brother decided to shield Rudolf from the law. For the next 20 years, he posed as his brother's psychiatrist "Mr. Jurk" and lived in the castle. By 1942, he had taken to dressing up in a robe and wandering the castle, earning him the name the "Mad Monk".

His niece Penelope called the police, sending their agents Kelly and Grogan to investigate, while their colleague Pat Murphy was assigned to solve the 20-year-old bank robbery. Making a connection between the two crimes, Murphy in his costumed identity of the Vagabond, discovered the stolen loot and exposed the Mad Monk's true identity, but not before he slew the recently released Paskuniak and Ambrose.[1]

His fate remains unrevealed.


Rudolf was insane.


As the Mad Monk, Parsons used a pistol and wielded a spear.

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