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When Doctor Doom took over the throne of Latveria, he wanted to legitimize his position with a coronation ceremony where the rightful monarch, Prince Rudolfo Fortunov, willingly relinquish the crown to Doom with all the official documents, in exchange of being exiled instead of executed. Rudolfo, who intended to recover the throne, refused to do this. Doom secretly imprisoned Rudolfo in his dungeons and built an automat with Rudolfo's appearance - an speechless robot that would impersonate Rudolfo in the ceremony. As Rudolfo's position was uncomfortable, him not speaking was justifiable.[1]

Once Doom was King, he ordered one untrustworthy minion to destroy the robot. This person instead delivered the robot to the real Rudolfo, who had just escaped. Rudolfo then started using the robot as his doppleganger for some dangerous mission; he improved the robot so that it could speak and be controlled by him from afar.[1]

Rudolfo, becoming the leader of the Latverian Underground, then staged a daring attempt against Doom. He infiltrated an agent, Ramona, at Castle Doom so that she could disable the castle defenses. Rudolfo then sent the robot to lead his troops in an attack on the castle, using advanced weaponry including jetpacks and high-technology rifles[2] provided by Rudolfo's alien ally Faceless One.[1] Albeit useful against Doom's cannon fodder Servo-Guards, they were less efficient with Doom's more powerful minions.[2]

The robot and some of his troops were surrounded by several holograms of Doom and one Doombot impersonating Doom himself. They were unable to identify who was the real enemy until the Doombot attacked them with a gun. They then combined their fire and destroyed the Doombot, only to discover that they had never been facing the real Doom, and besides, Doom had been using his Hypno-Probe to take over their minds during the skirmish.[2]

The robot Rudolfo was imprisoned near Ramona's cell, but the robot escaped by bending his cell's bars. He was then intercepted by Doom himself, who questioned him. The robot recognized his true nature and then tried to run away in a suicide maneuver: He only intended to be destroyed so that Doom could not learn anything else from him. Indeed, one Servo-Guard blasted the robot in pieces before Doom could stop it.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Remote control.[2]
  • Self-destruction capabilities.[2]
  • Superhuman strenght enough to bend the metal bars of Doom's dungeons.[2]


The robot's sensors were unable to differentiate a hologram from the real Doctor Doom or from a Doombot. The robot was also vulnerable to Doctor Doom's Hypno-Probe.[2] Initially, the robot was unable to speak, but he eventually overcame this defect.[1]




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