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Rudy Randolph

Rudy Rudolph ran a trading post in what is now known as the Republic of the Congo during the later half of the 20th century. He frequently commissioned men to carry diamonds mined in the jungles to civilization to be sold. However, by 1953 his greed got the better of him and Rudolph sought to steal the very diamonds he was hired to have shipped.[1]

He constructed a costume that made him appear to be a large vulture and when a diamond shipment was sent off to be sold, he hid out in Vulture's Roost where he attacked the couriers, murdered them and stole the diamonds.[1]

Eventually, he hired his long time friend, explorer Greg Knight to deliver the next load of diamonds, warning him of the dangers of Vulture's Roost. As the Vulture, Rudolph attempted to steal the diamonds but did not count of Greg's companion the jungle adventurer known as Lorna the Jungle Queen to accompany him along the way. Lorna scared the Vulture off after he knocked Greg out foiling his attempt at stealing the diamonds. The Vulture then attacked directly, but Lorna saw through the disguise. She stabbed the Vulture with her knife, easily defeating him and unmasked the "buzzard" as Rudolph.[1]

Rudy was then taken to the closest village to face justice.[1] His subsequent fate is unknown.


As the Vulture, Rudy Rudolph worse a costume that made him appear to be a large vulture. It had talons just like a real vulture and the costume was apparently capable of limited flight or at least had gliding capabilities.

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