Ruffy Rabbit is a wise cracking rabbit that lived in the fantasy realm known as Nowhere, frequently visited by Jimmy Jupiter. Ruffy first met Jimmy during his second trip to Nowhere and agreed to help Jimmy find his other friend Wump Jump the dragon even though Ruffy though the dragon was a big baby. They were soon captured by the Witches of Encore. They were trapped in a mystical circle that could only be broken by a good luck charm. Jimmy was able to break this barrier using Ruffy's own foot, as rabbits feet were considered good luck charms and they soon escaped. Ruffy and Jimmy were separated upon their escape from the Witches as Jimmy was transported back home to Earth[1].

Ruffy would later travel to Earth with Wump Jump on a moonbeam and bring Jimmy back to Nowhere to show him the Valley of the Fairies and help fight off an invasion of the evil Gnomes before Jimmy was once more returned home[2].

In his last encounter with Jimmy Jupiter, Ruffy returned to Earth once again with Wump Jump and helped Jimmy stop thieves from stealing his fathers spare tires during the rubber rations of World War II[3].

Ruffy's subsequent activities are unknown.

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