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Probably Scadam
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Probably Scadam
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Quote1 Durgan is mad! He rejects the basic tenet of our race! Renounce peace, Durgan, and you become a man without a world!"
"Continue to cleave to peace, Obispo, and we will all be without a world… and our lives!
-- Obispo and Durgan the Philosopher[1]


The Ruling Council was a body that governed over the planet Scadam and its population of Scadamites.[1][4] It included open-minded Durgan the Philosopher, traditionalist Obispo[1] and apparently young philosopher Tuskar in a minor role.[5] The Council met in a Council Chamber in Scadam.[1]

When the pirate armada of warships called Black Fleet approached the planet Scadam, ravaging worlds in their path, the Council gathered to look for a solution.[1] The Scadamites happened to have a pacifist culture, having rejected warfare, weaponry and military generations ago; so the Council refused to take any protective action,[1][5] instead resigning to their doom.[4] Dissenting, Durgan tried to inspire the Scadamites to fight[1][5][4][6] because they were in an exceptional situation;[6] but he was found to be heretic and expelled from the council.[1][5][4][6] After this, Durgan went underground, the Council no longer aware of his activities (They wouldn't have approved anyway).[5]

The Council met again when the Fleet attacked another planet, several parsecs nearer Scadam; and the greatest Scadamite thinkers looked for a solution to their problem, while Obispo insisted in their policy. Tuskar, who had been Durgan's apprentice, decided to look independently for his missing master.[5] While going sleuth, Tuskar entered a forbidden museum; there he videoconferenced with Durgan. Durgan told Tuskar that he had sent an agent, the Chief Examiner, to another planet to collect superpowers he was to use in a champion. Tuskar found the idea abhorrent and threatened to report to the Council; but Durgan convinced Tuskar to join him instead based on the fact that Tuskar had also broken the Council's rules during his investigation.[2]

Scadam was flattened by the Black Fleet attack, its population almost extinguished.[7] It is reasonable to assume that the Ruling Council was dismantled.

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