Not much has been revealed regarding the history and origin of the German known as the Rumor. His first known activity occurred during World War II, when the Rumor used his powers to amplify Adolf Hitler's own powers of persuasion. The Rumor was a secret member of the Third Reich's elite, until he was confronted by an American agent (who would later become the hero Black Fox). The Rumor escaped and disappeared for many years.

The Rumor is known to have reappeared in the 1960s. Somehow taking control of the Olympian goddess of love, Venus, who would occasionally adventure among humans at the time, the Rumor amplified her power to brainwash and ultimately mind-control the youth of San Francisco. Under the guise of a violent protest, the Rumor hoped to topple American government and assume control. He was stopped by the hero team known as the First Line and their associates, Cap'n Hip and Sunshine, despite the Rumor's success at mind-controlling their ally, the thunder god Thor. The Rumor was presumably remanded to custody, although his ultimate fate remains to be revealed. [1]


The Rumor has the ability to produce a subsonic pulse from his vocal cords, enabling him to subtly influence others. Typically, the Rumor uses this power to control others of great charisma or mental powers, in order to affect mass crowds through them. Otherwise, the Rumor can directly control the young, the eternally young, or the young-at-heart. The source of the Rumor's powers has yet to be revealed.

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