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Ultimate X was formed by both Karen Grant and Nick Fury to act as a covert team of mutants for S.H.I.E.L.D..

The idea for the team was actually created by Wolverine before his death to act as contingency force to protect mutants in the wake of the end of the X-Men. Karen Grant collected team members for the team to act as a righteous vagabond force that would fight to help anyone who could not defend themselves in the growing persecutions of the Post-Ultimatum world.[1]

Their first official mission is to provide backup for Hawkeye in Tian, the former SEAR, during a time of Meta-Human revolution and civil unrest. After arriving in Tian, the Runaways are given orders by Nick Fury via a secret psychic message relayed by Jean Grey to join with Tian's forces as inside informants, but actually betrayed Fury and fully allied with Tian under the newly rechristened Jean Grey. The team disbanded after Jean Grey instigated a civil war between Tian and the American Mutant Homeland of Utopia led by Kitty Pryde, where the remaining members all eventually traveled to live in Utopia after Tian lost the war.

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