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Quote1.png I'll handle this Thing wannabe. After all, there's only one way to deal with a lame Fantastic-Four rip-off... FLAME ON! Quote2.png
Chase Stein

Appearing in "The Good Die Young, Chapter Three"

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Synopsis for "The Good Die Young, Chapter Three"

The Pride and the Runaways travel under the sea to the Gibborim's Marine Vivarium for the Rite of Thunder ritual. A sentry ambushes the Runaways, forcing Chase underwater while the other Runaways fight to save their teammate. Alex finds the Pride's password "philoprogenitiveness" to shut down the Gibborim's protector. Gert pulls Chase out of the water, announcing that he has lost his pulse and is no longer breathing.

Solicit Synopsis

The Runaways' biggest adventure continues! Our young heroes are finally ready to take on their evil parents, and the future of the Marvel Universe hangs in the balance!

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